Looped 1.2.0 released

Happy to let you guys know that Looped 1.2.0 has been released on itch and gamejolt
It’s surreal to see where looped came from and how it is know. I had to rebuild the game twice :sweat_smile:

You are stuck in a divine loop that keeps the universe in order. You are stuck inside it and you have to protect it from bions. No one knows where they come from or why they are doing it. Find the truth as you progress through the waves of bions and reach the end (My insight senses say that there is a surprise in store for you at the end).

It would be amazing if you could check the game out
Itch: Looped by Leo Red
Gamejolt: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

Reach the end to find the truth to the universe :no_mouth:

I have gotten a lot of help from the GDevelop community. And I want to thank everyone who has helped to do this. Thank you



Interesting concept with some fun mechanics.

However, on mobile I find the touch controls a bit difficult to use, it is way too accurate and because my thumb is large, often can’t aim just right. Maybe tweening the rotation could help or instead of rotating using a joystick, maybe rotate it toward the position of the touch.

Using keyboard and mouse on PC a bit too easy, was not very challenging for the most part but at times it was impossible to defeat all enemies because they spawned too fast, moved too fast. if it’s random, I think it could be useful to design each wave to make it fun and challenging and build a strategy to beat all the enemy without exception. it could also be a way to have a nice competition and high scores between players.

I dislike that fact the game is forcing me to enter a usename each time I run the game and I was not able to find one that is available because the “name was already taken”. If you are using a database, it could be a bug because I tried names impossible to be taken. If there is no database then it is definitely a bug. In any case, you could potentially store the username in the web browser to recognise players returning and do not ask for a new username each time, if you are using a database could also ask for a password too or generate a PIN code so players can login with their username from any device.

Good luck :+1:

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Thank you for the great feedback

That shouldn’t happen :thinking: It saves the username and never asks for it again. I haven’t had any issues with it ever.
I did think about having a way to log back in on another device. but, it would bring alot of complexities that will at the end only cause more bugs. I could link the username to some account like google or something. But, most would agree they won’t be confident to link their account to a random game on itch and it would also be a overkill.

I used to have it so that the player can touch anywhere to aim. But, it was hard to implement and there was a lot of bugs. Though I think I was able to fix most of the bugs this time.

EDIT: Re implemented it in the new version! Thanks yoi

I was worried the it might be too difficult at the start. Though I agree it is sometimes impossible to defeat all of them. The main issue might have been that I drastically reduce the spawn rate.

What do you think of having varible speed?

I will release a new version with the bug fixes

Thanks you again
: )

Released Looped 1.2.5

  • Update climax
  • Make bullets faster
  • Improve mobile controls. Now touch where you want to shoot
  • Make joystick bigger
  • Improve username creation
  • Show version in info menu (bottom right)
  • Update links in info page



Super, vraiment sympa, sauf les oranges qui te tirent dessus et que tu peux absolument pas éviter, du coup tu es sur de perdre rapidement et tu connais ta fin du jeu dès que tu les vois.
En tout cas félicitions, simple et efficace, j’adore le style épuré et le concept !

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Nice game! A little too easy/empty in the very beginning, but whit all effects, multi shoots, blackholes & glitches it becomes more alive and challenging!

With a rather “simple” art style (though fitting), I would have enjoyed a little more work on the audio (but nice touch with different sounds for each hit for ex) with more FX sounds.

I’m was on a roll and got 1:st place on HighScore, but when I went back to see if the high score was just local, or saved online (because my 1:st place seemed a little too easy), I was unable to see/click the high score before putting in my name again.

This option should be possible from start, even if you don’t want to play!
(Played first run on Itchio, the tried starting GameJolt version to check HighScore but had to put in name first and just closed the browser)

All in all, nice one :slight_smile: