Lost my Work- -//

I can’t open my project and it said
“Error : while loading.
Error : document empty
Make sure the file exit and that you have the right to open the file.”

  • -Sadly that my work almost finnish :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
    any help?

GD create .gdg.autosave files, just in case something happens, search for “NameOfYourProject”.gdg.autosave :slight_smile:

I think there’s not much you can do if the file is corrupted, anyway:
Check the .gdg file, the file size has sense? (more than 200 kB, if your game is big maybe 1 MB)
Try to open the .gdg file with WORDPAD, GEdit or some text editor and check if it looks good (no strange characters, the file must end with “”).

There are two kinds of people: those who make backups and those who will make backups. You obviously fall in latter category.

When I’m working on games, I make a new save everytime. e.g.

First save: Gamename_001
Next save: Gamename_002


It’s not like these saves are really taking up much space on the computer and not only does it mean if somehow a save gets corrupted, that you can move back one, but also, if you make some kind of bad coding or something because you’re tired or whatever, you can revert back to an earlier save when all the code was still looking good.

Well I use Bitbucket paired with TortoiseGit to do version control. I’ve learned that manual version control (like one you do, Mats) its harder to do as you may forget or accidentally overwrite older version. Systems like Git or SVN (I prefer latter for easier command line syntax) are real help.