Low code != real development

I’m developing since closed 25 years with javascript and other languages. Sounds like I’m old. :sunny:

I decided to go forward with GDevelop because of the fact the app/tool is just awesome!!! Thanks to make it open for all. GDevelop is a very good approach to achieve my personal goals of my game.

→ Soon, Be rich and so on :innocent: :dollar: :moneybag:

During the first 2-3 weeks, my biggest challenge was the way of thinking like a game, not like a player. It is very interesting for me put my eyes there where you don’t do than a player. Also if you develop everything alone from Idea → Story → mockup → UI → Logic → CX/UX Feeling, makes fun. Feels for me very often like a try & error approach. However.

My biggest challenge at all is:
Normally I can define my architecture pattern and put my pattern of developing into the app. With GDevelop it feels sometimes for like chains.

I guess the chains are only there because I don’t know the answer of “How…”
Don’t misunderstand me.

I have really troubles with doing low code development. Most of the cases a written in my mind already in kind of code.
Do that, if that and so on.
Actually I don’t know how to bring this mind into the event structure. (like: functional pattern, OO development, reduce code use functions)

Now I’m sure you ask you. From what he is talking? Good question.
I’m sure a lot of the users of GDeveloper are developer and not low code developer (Like I call it: Click and Run user).

For what I’m looking is a guide or video to bring this two worlds together.
I know there a lot possibilities to write my own code. (Extension or pure JS)

But what I don’t know:

  • How looks the API inside (console.log of objects not working)
  • Can I include external JS code (example with TS) ?
  • How can I write app code and use function over scenes etc.
  • Full JS Event and Variable Documentation
  • Event Driven Development over the app
  • What is the real “translation” of the low code? How looks it with result of it in JS code?
  • How to write Tests?
  • Real debugger of my code and events?

I don’t know if someone “want” or can really answer these questions.
Hope I’m not alone with my starting issues and I’m not only the first one.

Again big Thank you to the founder of this application.

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For general context: The event system is the only first class language in the engine. This is the stated design goal and primary focus of the engine and it’s contributors. Javascript (not typescript) for game logic is available, but will not be as well documented as the event system for this reason.

That said, you can learn about the API in the full GDJS API documentation here: GDevelop JavaScript game engine

The runtime code (Translating events to game logic) can be reviewed here: GDevelop/GDJS/Runtime at master · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

You add JS Code via a Javascript event in the event sheet, as shown here: JavaScript Code events [GDevelop wiki]

The above page also has some links to examples showing how JS code is implemented into custom events.

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