LUDUM DARE is almost here!

You like to develop games right?

Cool, then prepare for the incoming of the LUDUM DARE!

Although it sounds like a good name for a final boss… the Ludum Dare is maybe the most popular (and one of the most important) established game jams in the world ( A lot of well-known developers has participated with their own indie games… like the creator of Minecraft who has participated 7 times until now, but it’s also really accesible to newbies. In fact this game jam purpose is to encourage people to develop games.

What is about? Well, Ludum Dare is like a competition, but not for a prize, just for recognition. So, if you want to get some attention over you, as a game developer or just take the opportunity to do some game developing exercise and share it with a big community… this is your chance.

The rules are simple, you need to develop your game in 48 or 72 hours (depending of the modality you choose) after the start of the game jam, and your game have to match the theme of the current Ludum Dare (wich is announced at the very start of the game jam… hehe, sorry, no cheating).

Ludum Dare runs 3 times a year, just a few days each time, and the next one is April 17.

I think GDevelop is the right tool to develop a bright idea in a short time, so if you are so excited about this as me, take a trip at the Ludum Dare guide to beginners in its site: :sunglasses:

Good luck! :wink:

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