Mac M1 Silicon performance

Hi everyone,
I have experienced that GDevelop lags on my new Macbook Pro M1 (late 2021 version). For example, when I scroll on the events page, the movement chops. Also opening and closing actions windows sometimes has a delay for a second or two. Has anybody else had those problems? Are there plans on making an M1 optimized version of GDevelop?



There won’t be any optimized version for any brand/model of computer.
Regarding your issues, I don’t know what could be the source. Can you reproduce the issues after a fresh start of the computer, with no other software opened?

Ok, but since GDevelop is built with Electron, that won’t require any extra work, since Electron will support native M1 builds. Or maybe it’s already possible?

Sorry, I wasn’t aware this model has a different CPU architecture or whatnot.
My guess is that if you’re able to open GDevelop, it’s not related to that… but I might be wrong.
Taking a peek on the GitHub, I see:

    "electron": "8.2.5",
    "electron-builder": "22.11.11",
    "electron-notarize": "^0.2.1",

"electron-is": "^2.4.0"

We seem to run v8 and I can’t see any mention of “universal” on our GitHub…
@4ian Could you confirm we’re supporting this Apple Silicon architecture?

Well, the new CPU (M1 arm) can still run older Intel apps using some kind of emulator called Rosetta on a Mac. That means you can still run GDevelop without any big issues, but it has poor performance. Compiling an app for native M1 makes it a lot faster.

@alexandresi is developing on a M1, so it definitely “works” and we’ve judged that it works fine enough, though it’s also definitely not optimal (because of the emulation layer).

We would need to update Electron to a newer version but there were a few things to look at to ensure it works well, so this was not a priority so far (though we welcome anyone that would want to contribute with a PR so we can test more broadly :)).
Would be great to have this done though, this will probably bring perf improvement to other platforms too.

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I don’t know much about programming except developing in GDevelop, so I’m not sure if I can contribute, but if there is anything you think I can do, such as testing and stuff I would be happy join the team.