[Mac] Odd behavior and Freezing GDevelop5

I’m running:
Mac OS High Sierra V.10.13.6,
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5,
16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3,
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

I am seeing odd behavior, freezing, and multiple needs to restart the GDevelop5.

-As an example, when selecting an object on the scene, the object will show a black square but no resize options. This requires a restart in order to fix it.
I believe the above bug can be created by selecting an object in the scene. Then, right mouse click or click on the object. At least it works for me.

-Right mouse click or + click gives the following scene properties popup:

The docs indicate it should popup object properties.

-The window resize icon sometimes doesn’t work on the lower window corners.
-Another problem, when I close the GDevelop5, the icon sometimes remains showing as open on my Mac’s dock. If I try to reopen the program, I get the message that the program is closed. This needs a force quit. This situation actually caused me to have to do a complete shut down and restart. I don’t see that very often!

  • Right mouse or click as well as trying doesn’t work to bring up the object properties box.

I’ve now found a way to recreate a few of the bugs on my Mac. I’ll post more if or when I can give a concrete way to reproduce the errors.

I had a similar problem on Windows 10 once. I have closed GD5 and after if I tried to open it again, I got the white GD background loaded but didn’t get the option to create or open project. Had to restart my PC to get it fixed and could not reproduce it since :confused: I thought maybe it was something with my system only but looks like I’m not the only one had to restart the system to get GD working again…

I know that I “shouldn’t” fill up the forum with thank you’s, but, since I’m new here, and @ddabrahim has taken time to offer me help and comments, I am going to thank you. Working with GDevelop5 is fun but certainly does have its moments. Anyone who offers consistent help and friendliness makes the effort worthwhile. Forum people sometimes make all the difference. :smiley: