MacOS stand alone game build files are empty


I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining by creating all these bug reports. I actually love GDevelop 5! With that said.

In beta100 when using GDevelop’s build service my macOS (zip file) builds are coming back empty, and are unable to be opened.

Here’s a screen shot of the error I am getting:


Zip? Normally I think it should be sent directly as a .app.

@arthuro555 just the “Windows (auto-installer file)” and “Linux (AppImage)” are sent directly as an .app. It’s been this way for me at least since last September.

The “macOS (zip file)” build is still working correctly when using beta97. I just tested it out.

Hmm… Let me try to reproduce this.

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Indeed, widnows cannot open the file, but 7zip can.