"Made with GDevelop" Logo Posting Allowed?

I have a new lovely loading screen for my game which is depicting the title of the game and some of my characters together with the “made with GDevelop” logo. :two_hearts:
(Well, this would be the startup screen).

Is it allowed to post this picture?
Or do i have to cut this GDevelop logo? :logo_gdevelop:

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Generally, although all rights to the logo are reserved by GDevelop and protected, GDevelop won’t give you trouble for using the logo fairly like this. Feel free to tell everyone you’re using GDevelop - GDevelop would only give trouble if you were using the logo to try and pass yourself off as an official GDevelop spokesperson.


Ok so, it would be better / safer not to post this, to not run into possible troubles.

Because in the end, some people could speculate / interpret that the picture could be an official GDevelop product.

If your logo just says “Made with GDevelop”, there’s no chance you will ever get you in trouble, you’d have to say something like “An Official GDevelop Game” or “A GDevelop Original” or “Sponsored by GDevelop” or something like that to get in trouble.

Powered by Gdevelop be ok or not?

I guess not, “powered by GDevelop” ~ could imply that there was an active involvement / help in the process of developing a game.

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Thank you for your fast detailed answer. :slight_smile:
I decided for myself that I will not post seperatly my loading screen screenshot / picture with the “made in GDevelop” logo. (Just to be 101% safe even if you wrote that it could be ok.) :innocent:
It will be anyway in the game because I have the checkmark “Display GDevelop logo at startup (in exported game)”. :logo_gdevelop: :+1: