Hello everyone!
We are two guys making a platform video game, anime style, with GDevelop.
It is about a magic apprentice that desperately materialize random objects to attack and a magic shield to defend, trying to defeat (not so evil) master witches.



YOUTUBE VIDEO (Like and subscribe please):
Feel free to comment!! :smiley:


  • 1 endearing magic apprentice called Miri.
  • 6 cute bosses.
  • The witches’ clothes acts like an armor so if takes too damage it will tear apart
  • Special Attacks.
  • 5 selectable levels, plus 1 last boss level.
  • Each level has its own enemies, a miniboss and final boss (a total of over 30 different enemies).
  • Your completion of a level will affect another one environmentally (for better or worse) so, choose carefully.
  • Unlockable gallery with in-game currency.
  • Mini games
  • Controller support (customizable).
  • The art and music are completely original.
  • And… ABSOLUTELY NO micro transactions!!!

We are planning to launch it on Steam when ready.


Wow!, looks incredible… the game, the game :smiling_imp: :laughing:
Great work here, seriously, make a good platformer with challenging (but not impossible) obstacles is not easy at all. The combat, especially against the bosses, seems to be super funny too :smiley:

It looks really cool well done!

Hahaha :smiling_imp:
Thank you! we are trying to make it just like you are saying, challenging but not impossible, funny to play and with good emm… visuals (wink wink)
Thanx again for your comment :smiley: and sorry for the bad english :blush:

Thank you very much!! your comments encourage us a lot! :smiley:

the platformer I could see on this forum, the animations are really beautiful, can I ask you the game was developed with the NATIVE version or HTML5 ??

However still congratulations, on steam? yes, I think it’s a great platform, if people like playing there is a good chance that it will become viral.

However it continues with videos on youtube and with promotions on facebook, they are the best thing.

The graphics are great and the animations are very nice.

Wow! thank you so much Luca! We hope so, we are putting all our hopes and effort on this work and we are so glad that you are liking it. :smiley:
We are using the NATIVE version by the way.
Sorry for bad english

A fantastic work here, guys! Very professional!
Hope to see more of this soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much MicosS!! We are doing the best we can with 0 budget. :smiley:

Hello everyone!!
It’s been a long time since we post the game here, remember we are just two guys that know nothing about making a video game :confused: :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:
We are still working on the game and we are almost there, just finishing some details and composing the music…
The original post is updated so please take a look :smiley: :laughing:

Good to have news from you guys! :smiley:

Thank you! we were working on it and as we advance we’re learning too, so when almost finishing the game, we looked back and see a lot of things that we could do better, in programming (AI, optimizing, behaviors, etc.) and art (animations, drawings, effects, music)… here is a little example:

Amazing visuals, well done :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile: we’re doing the best we can!

I like the new pose, but miss the variations in the lineart thickness for the hair.

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Great job you guys…I can’t wait to try the game ! :sunglasses:

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Hello everyone, we couldn’t edit this topic, so we made a new one, with new info and a new video.
Here: Magical miri (we are on steam!)
Thank you for your support!