Make a game and what next?

Hi developers!

I have been learning to work in Gdevelop 5 for a few months. I think it’s enough for a simple game. Still, I haven’t covered all the possibilities this great editor has to offer. I’m not a real programmer.

Therefore, let me share a small piece of work with you. I exported it in html5 so you can play it right on the web. The link is below.

Could someone help me how to handle the game further? I do not have an overview of these matters and would like to cooperate officially with someone.

As I wrote, I’m not a real programmer. Therefore, I would like to work with someone who could complement my work with the possibility of a full-fledged internet game with multi-player access. Possible? I can do most internal events myself. I would need advice from my colleague and interaction with the server and other accounts.

We can improve and continue this game or start on a whole new one. I have many ideas.

I beg you for comments and your feelings about the game below.

Thank you all and I wish you much success.


Your game is ok. Multiplayer is difficult but not impossible, you’re going to have to learn javascript tho. But multiplayer in a platformer? If you want contributors to help you, Create a github page for the game, it’s meant for that. I can help you if you want. You could also create a discord server 1. for the community playing your game 2. To make communication with your contributors easier. You also need a plan of what you plan to do with your game so the other programmers know what you want them exactly to do.

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I want to learn about online multiplayer . It will be great if you let me know your progress.I also know don’t about any programing language.

To make a multiplayer game, you first need a game server. There, you already have 2 alternatives: 1. Host your own Custom server 2. Use an external service like playfab or If you use something like, you need to learn a specific programming language ( in this case C# ). If you make your custom server, you can use pretty much any language. In any case, you will need some basic programming knowledge and for gdevelop at least a bit of javascript.


Can you tell me somthing about lan wifi…I mean like mini milta 2.

Thank you for your quick answers. I didn’t mean multiplayer for this game. With this game from me you wonder how and where to offer it. Multiplayer created new game.

You are right that this requires knowledge of programming. I think it will be effective if I start working with someone who knows how to do it. Than to bother myself. Of course, for an adequate share. This applies both to the launch of the game you see here and to the start of the development of the new game.

Would anyone find such a place?

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As I said before, make your code on github. Here, people can contribute easily to it. For publishing your game, I recomend gamejolt and Also, as I said before, I would have no problem to help you with your games.