Making a copy of a Scene seems to link it

I’ve been creating a game as part of learning Gdevelop. It gets slightly more complex each round but most code and objects does not change that much between scenes.

As a result I’ve tried to copy and paste a scene before editing the next level’s scene.

It seems that Gdevelop somehow keeps copied scenes linked. :confused: After changing multiple scenes some of them where duplicated. And the original scene was changed with a copied scene in the process.

In practice I now have a seven level game with mostly the same scene on every level.

The result of this is that I’d be starting over shortly because very little of the original project is still usable.

Has anyone else encountered this. Is there a possible workaround apart from creating each scene by hand and recreating all the base code each scene?

I’ve decided to develop scenes in separate project files as a copy of the previous one. Will merge by copying scenes into one project at the end.


Does the problem only happen with the events of the scene or the objects too ?