Making a game creation platform

Hey developers
Back in march i started a project called FrozenEngine, I later changed it to SeenHaro because that name sounded forgettable. Like now, the goal was to give people who doesn’t know much about gdevelop, a platform to create games for pc, mobile, and xbox one (bit of a stretch imo). I have almost finished the tutorial area and I plan to add an editor soon. Here’s what I plan to think the game would look like. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them in the replies below!


My hero is blocked :’(

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press 1 to equip the pickaxe and click on the wood

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Nice :slight_smile:
I got stuck at the topdown.

Thanks for trying out my game
You have to drag “Key press: Left” to “Top Down Move Left” then hold the left key.


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