Making a minesweeper


I’am trying to find a tutorial to make a minesweeper.
Does someone have made a tuto (i don’t find any) or do you have tips on how doing it?


I would probably try to add “check” objects all around the boxes to check and set the values and states of the neighbors.
If it’s one of your first projects, start with a very small board, a grid of 2 by 2, then, when it works, move to 3 by 3, then 4 by 4. And then you should be fine for any size.

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Thanks for your answear.
Right now i’am not sure of myself to make a game like that alone from A to Z.
Is there a tutoriel somewhere to guide me?

There are plenty of tutorials and examples. Even if they’re not for this specific game, they’ll help you understand how to use GDevelop.