Making a Zelda Style Heart System with no Extensions or Behaviors

Hey hey!

This is a video from the series im posting here in on the forum.
The reason why im singling it out is because its most likely a more specific thing people might want for their games, so this makes it easier to find.

The video isnt exactly a step by step hand held tutorial, but more the process of me doing it and explaining my thought process as i go along.

I had never tried making a heart system from scratch so i thought it would be more complicated… as it turns out, was quite easy… and if i had known i could of explained it in 5mins.

Also, since this system uses Global Variables and not Extensions or Behaviors, its already set up for saving your Health to memory for when you change scenes.

I hope this video can help you, either by giving you the info that you need, by giving you a lightbulb moment or simply inspiring you to do something for your game!

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