"Mana Knight" v1.0.0 Full Release! Its finally here! Come check it out! :D

Hey hey!! Im proud to announce that iv finished my “Mana Knight” project!!

The game is now complete and fully featured and Live!!

Mana Knight v1.0.0

  • 20 Levels
  • 4 Bosses
  • 3 Difficulties
  • All sorts of cool original Sound Tracks
  • Full PC, GamePad and Mobile support

Im specially proud and attached to “Mana Knight” because its the first game i made where all assets were created by me, im not much of an artist, but during the course of this project i developed my own style of asset drawing and am now very excited to see what else i can make! :smiley:

You can play “Mana Knight” online on PC and Mobile at:

Want a Windows Desktop version? Download for free here!

If you enjoy what i do and would like to support “Mana Knight” and future games, please consider buying me a coffee :smiley:

If youd like to keep up with the Dev Logs, consider subscribing to the YouTube Channel:

I really hope you all enjoy my game!!
Feedback is more than appreciated!! :smiley:

Gameplay Trailer


Congrats! Will play a bit when I get a chance.

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Congrats on the launch!

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Nice game ! Pllay is not too hard, not too easy. And good job on the aaassets

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Starting to get a little annoyed at people complaining my game is not “Easy to use” or “buggy”…

Iv been polishing this game so much you can see it shine from outer space, iv done multiple runs with no bugs, nothing weird happening, iv had friends play it and nothing…

The only issue that iv ever seen, was when people were playing the game on mobile and because its not an actual “app”, its a website with mobile compatibility, if they happen to have “triple tap to zoom” or something of the sort, obviously the keys would stick… its not my fault your phone has accessibility features you dont want to turn off…

Iv bent over backwards making sure the controls were properly displayed, all the info was on screen, everything is there for you, i even made sure you get the control info thats appropriate to your device before starting to play.

The controls are quick and snappy, everything works the way its supposed to… heck i hate playing games on mobile and even i dont have an issue playing on my phone.

Even in that aspect, iv made the levels small and compact so that the game could run on a toaster, fact proven by it running fine on my very old and outdated mobile Zen Phone that stopped being made yeeeaaars ago…

…and the worst of it, is that people are quick to hit you with a low score on something, but then leave you a comment saying how they loved the game but never tell you why they found it “Hard to use”…

I just dont get it…
Dont mind me, im just venting…

Honestly, think ill just stop making mobile compatibility in my games, it takes so much more effort to make it work on PC and mobile and the thanks you get is your game being down rated because reasons…

Sorry, would not this topic belongs to Community/Games Showcase, not in General?

The only one thing that I did not like is the pure black background, but this is my personal preference. I’m sure it was your well thought design choice. Keep going. :slight_smile:

Didnt realize there was a “Showcase” section :slight_smile:

The reason for the pure black background is something i noticed from “Spelunky” and “Tiny Rogues”, its makes all the particle effects pop out really well, and makes all those shinny particles, like the bomb explosions or the coin pick ups look really awesome :slight_smile:

…its also for me, its an acessability feature due to my very poor eye sight, this high contrast makes it really nice for my eyes, i dont just develop games, i really like playing my own games thats also why i invest so much into them.

Nice! And I love the music!


Mana Knight is a great game, and I plan on doing challenge runs of it in the future. I already beat it without upgrades.

Regarding bugs the only I can think of is when the thwomp-like enemies are coming up from trying to crush you, you can occasionally go through them. I only found out about it during my no upgrade runs, because it was a common death point. (AKA you fall though them, then they crush you again if you aren’t fast enough)
If that makes sense.

Also the controller buttons will appear if you have a touchscreen, meaning if I’m on a touchscreen laptop the controller buttons are always on screen even when I probably wouldn’t want to use them.
Though I am kinda nick picking, I don’t mean it in a rude way as this game is already absolutely amazing and is much better than anything I could make.
So again, Thank You Retro Game Logic.

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Has that happen lately?

That was a bug on launch, but i fixed it 2 or 3 days ago, you shouldnt be able to fall trough the “Squish” blocks if your above them anymore.

Let me know if its still happening! :slight_smile: …also the fix was for gd.games, the desktop and browser version on itch.io still have this bug, i need to update soon, im just seeing if theres anything else to fix.

As for the touchscreen laptop… yeah, mobile adaptation is such a pain in the butt… :frowning: …i can fix it. Ill make hotkey that you can press to disable mobile controls while on a laptop or desktop.

Ill post when i make the update :smiley: