Mandatory GDevelop update for building Android/desktop apps with the one click exporters

:information_source: We had to release a new version of GDevelop (beta 87) that is containing fixes for building Android and Windows/macOS/Linux apps using the one click exporters (online build service). Please update as soon as you can to continue using them! More info in this thread.


Unfortunately, the one click exporters of old versions will stop very soon to be able to build (GDevelop will display an error) :cry:

This does not impact exporters that are not relying on the online build service, like HTML5 export or any export that you’re doing with a third party development tool (Cordova or Electron) by yourself. The rest of the software itself is not impacted and will be working as before.

I’m very sorry for this last minute change that I had to do - unfortunately I could not do otherwise. The changes made should prevent such abrupt mandatory update in the future!