Marching squares qix example crashes

Update: I tested the Qix example on my PC. It worked fine on both the app and from the Edge browser. I couldn’t get it to crash. I’ll try it further on my phone. It could be my phone or a setting.

I was trying the Marching Squares Qix example and after a few swipes, it crashes with the red screen of death. It seems to happen after a few downward swipes especially off the bottom of the scene.

This was on the web version using the Chrome browser. I’ll try to remember to try it on my PC the next time on at it.

The screengrab and preformated text were from different crashes.

An error happened in a JavaScript code event.
This error comes from a JavaScript code event. Verify your code to ensure no error is happening. You can use the Developer Tools (menu "View" > "Toggle Developer Tools"). Full error is: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '36')

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '36')
    at GDJSInlineCode.ScalarField.extrapolate (
    at GDJSInlineCode.HeightMap.getHeight (
    at GDJSInlineCode.prototype.containsPoint (
    at Object.GDJSInlineCode [as userFunc0x9664d0] (
    at gdjs.evtsExt__MarchingSquares__MarchingSquaresBehavior.MarchingSquaresBehavior.ContainsPointContext.eventsList0 (
    at gdjs.evtsExt__MarchingSquares__MarchingSquaresBehavior.MarchingSquaresBehavior.ContainsPoint (
    at gdjs.evtsExt__PathPainter__PathPainter.PathPainter.HasIntersectionWithBallContext.eventsList1 (
    at gdjs.evtsExt__PathPainter__PathPainter.PathPainter.HasIntersectionWithBall (
    at gdjs.GameCode.eventsList1 (
    at gdjs.GameCode.eventsList10 (