Max Equips in Inventory and Saving Equip Status to JSON (Solved)

Alright, here’s the file: My Files

I tried to add another variable for ID and boolean for equips, but in the end, the playerStatDump is just not an array. The array I need to have read is a global variable, but the for each child event only takes scene variables. Do I have to convert the global variable to a scene variable just for it to work?

Yes and no. You can add an array in several ways. While the arrays can be either global or scene, some expressions only work with one or the other.

I’ll take a look at your project.

Ok, it took some doing. The for each child only works for Scene variables. My earlier test example used a scene variable. Sorry. I switched to using repeat using the child count of the array and used an index variable to go through the children.

I made changes to the [load inventory] and the [Equipping Trinkets] in the [GameManager]
I added comments with a bunch of asterisks in the sections that I changed. I changed the variable names of your array a little. It seems to work.

I only changed the game file. I would copy the current project folder and inside the copied folder, replace the existing game file with this one. You can make this the current version but I would keep copies of everything.

doug13579/Trinket-update-2023: Trinket-update-2023 (

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Ahhh yeah, the for each child thing was what was causing me trouble there

The thing works great now, I understand what I was doing wrong. You were very helpful, thankuuu ^^

Now I can test effects when they’re equipped

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I don’t why there’s not a for each child for global variables. I searched the forum and someone asked the same question in 2021. They could add another event or add a setting to the current one. I think the hesitation is they want to keep it simple for new users.