Maximize window from the start (NOT scene but loading screen)?

So either i changed reality over night when i was sleeping or i am going insane

I have this event to maximize my window on scene start

And i can swear it was maximizing even at loading screen (the one where you see made with gdevelop or progress bar)

Yet it is not anymore

Or was it never a thing?

I am not stupid or maybe i am but i do understand at beginning of the scene means at well beginning of the scene and not BEFORE
And i am not questioning that

But i really can swear it was going max window on loading screen until 2 days ago

Can someone confirm it or not?
Because i do know i seen this progress bar on max window

I do on other hand can believe in i seen it on preview in browser (which is max window by default well max browser window)
But then i would remember launching preview from gdevelop would not go max window before scene begins

I mean i switched that progres bar to be long as you see and thin
Yet i DO NOT remember it being previewed in NOT maximized window because i do not remember it being it in this position of my viewport
As if i do remember it being at botom of my screen
And not half way between bottom and middle of screen (since not maximized window which you see on screenshot 1 physically to viewport places it half way between bottom and middle whole screen of well viewport (not preview window itself))

Edut part below


Wait wait i need confirmation here on what i am about to explain
I think i know what is the issue

Until 2 days ago i never even seen progress bar on preview window in gdevelop
It was just black screen NOT maximized window and it was just going max on scene start like it should

But since 2 days ago i do see that progress bar and from that my confusion comes since i should see it only on browser preview

Which for me is previewing game in browser where game is stretched to browser windows size

I am not leading my assumption on window size
But on that progress bar position
Cause well muscle memory and i do remember where it should be/where i seen it always (in which position of whole screen)

But still i need someone to confirm that