Maximum X and Y values of the previewer

Hey, I was playing around with an idea and wanted to see how big I could potentially make a game world,
and it looks like in the previewer I can’t scroll past around a Y point of 10000, or X point of 10000.

Is this intentional, and is there indeed a workaround?

You can scroll as far as you want, there should be no issues (well the coordinates are stored in 32 bits floats, so it may become malfunctioning after 9007199254740991), and GDevelop does not prevent scrolling farther.

Intersting, my scroll seems to end at around 6000-10000. I just started a side project and was playing around with it so maybe I’m wrong. Thanks.

I can go way further without issues :man_shrugging:

Wut. :flushed:

Are you on the desktop program? I can’t even manually move the background with the mouse like that.

Use the Middle Mouse Button to move the scene.

Oh LMAO this whole time for a year I’ve been using a pen to do it…

I’ll take this L

On Mac you can also press Space to move the scene.

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