McAfee detects GDevelop as troyan

McAfee detects the portable version of GDevelop as a troyan “Artemis!398AFD07FB36”
In particular “gd4092.noinstaller\GDIDE_dev.exe” and “gd4092.noinstaller\GDIDE.exe”

But it’s not. :astonished:

McAfee the only popular AV detects GDevelop as trojan: … 468870149/ … 468870216/

I would not put too much weight on this detection.
It completely safe to add GDevelop to safe/ignore list. You can also submit GDevelop to McAfee Labs and they might add GDevelop to white list (which is unlikely) or may look in to the AV engine and improve it so it wont detect GDevelop as trojan anymore.

To report false detection, you can use Security Center or email “False Artemis!398AFD07FB36” to I have just done it actually, but more people report it, may get more attention from the research team of McAfee.