Me And My Projects

Hi im OskarD3, i have been using gdevelop for about 2 years now but somehow just created an account on the forums. I make games mainly for entertainment, heres some of my biggest projects:
Buildformer 2 - A platformer where you play as a slime that can build blocks to beat levels, right now the game has about 45 levels in it with 3 chapters focusing on diffrent mechanics. Remake of one of my first gdevelop games.
Komar Killer 2 - A game about shooting musquitos with a gun, based off a game i made as a kid focusing on the same thing.
Its strange how all my big projects have a 2 in their name.
Anyways i also like making projects with gdevelop that arent entierly ganes such as a program for making youtube videos.


Hi OskarD3 and welcome. Have you been to the forums in the last two years looking for answers to problems even though you weren’t a member?

Adorable. What game engine did you use.?

Hi and welcome! Do you have links to your games? I think your Buildformer 2 sounds pretty awesome!