me sad, why no one wants to play it.

[size=150]Easy Version[/size]


[size=150]Hard Version[/size]


both, can play on mobile and pc

I think idea of this game is great. Simple “time killer” games are always good.
Gameplay and goal is simple, nothing to complain.

BUT! Difficulty ruins my gaming experience totally! First level was simple, no obstacles, just straight forward. Then happens second level. I tried it many, many times and thought “holy shit, I can’t even imagine the third level”. And finally after million try, the third level.
I tried it couple of times and throw the white flag. I surrender. Too much too early! :smiley:

So I recommend to make maybe 5 first level easy to handle and then those motivation killers when you mastering the gameplay. :slight_smile:

But great idea, don’t get me wrong!:slight_smile: keep it going!

It seems very nice, I had in mind to create a similar project, however, really nice as graphics and as an idea.

After a short game I can tell you that it is brilliant as a concept of game, very simple and nice only advice I can give you if you want your game to be played in a way that has more views you have to do some advertising and maybe use specialized sites in games for example itch io, game jolt.

You can find dozens of sites that allow you to sell your game, or play directly in the broswer without restrictions.

However, the whole concept of the game is very simple and brilliant.

Already done, you can try it :smiley:

hmmm… interesting. Can you tell me more? I want to know it.

first the game must be created with the HTML5 platform then, the procedure is quite long but also simple once you understand the steps, I as I am denied explaining why I use a translator I leave this video tutorial on how to host a game inside to a site.

This tutorial is related to how to load the game in Game jolt:

to better understand the steps to follow you can read the description of the video host on a site like that, it costs nothing of money and yet before loading the material present in your game it is recommended to check ALL the material present, for example the images are you in your game? can you use them?
background music? the sound effects? you upload a game inside this platform, you accept terms and so it is always good to check the copyright to avoid problems, it is a rather thorny topic my advice is to use material in the public domain.

This does not have to alarm you gdevelop allows you to create games for free, but instead regarding the images present in a game the topic is more complex.

I think your idea is preatty cool! However, I want to agree that it is necessary to make a certain breakdown of the levels in complexity. Each level is flooded to be slightly more complex than the previous one to raise the motivation for the game. :smiley:

:mrgreen: thank, maybe next time, i’ll improve it.