MEDAKA published

My second game, made with GDEVELOP, was published a few days ago.

Hope you find the time to download and let me know your opinion. Thanks in advance!

Thanks to @4ian creating this program, to all members of the forum and in particular @Gruk for the suggestions.

Music and Sound effects by Eric Matyas


I’m sorry I haven’t any comments on it.
During lockdown I found so relaxing looking and feeding my Medaka on my Madaka pots so I create it try to give to the player the same relaxing mood.
If you have time have a look. Without your precious comments I can’t improve it. Thanks!


Can you publish your game in HTML5 with GDevelop?
I am sure there will be many members who will play with your game and send to you their avis (reason: everybody don’t want install an APK game on their mobile except if the game is very pleasant)

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Hello! Thanks! I will!

As Amigo54 suggested, if you could make it playable on the web browser that would be great. [Or a Windows downloadable file]. I can’t install anything on my tablet, it’s full to capacity! I saw the video for the game and it does look very peaceful and relaxing with some very pleasant graphics, music and sfx!


What wonderful and apaisant game! Asiatic game i think and the game idea is simple but great!
Congratulations Freaky!

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Thanks! This type of message let me continue and never give up! Really appreciated!

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Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

As you suggested I did a windows version for Medaka available here: Medaka Windows Demo by vstudio

I’m anxious to read new comments!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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It’s got the makings of a cool and relaxing game! I like the peaceful, serene vibe and the pleasant graphics and music.

A few things about the Windows version… the on-screen controls are fiddly and I’m not sure how to go forward in a straight line. I think if you added keyboard controls, Left Arrow, rotate left… Right Arrow, rotate right… Up Arrow, go forward… and (just for computer version) hide the on-screen controls it would make it more playable on a computer.

But maybe it’s a game best played on a mobile device. Well I can see it having most success on mobile. Nice job with developing the game!

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No HTML version of your game yet? It seemed to me that you agreed to make it a web version so that we could judge for ourselves the beauty of your game.

Thank you in advance

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I did app for windows Medaka Windows Demo by vstudio
Let me know!

Yes of course and i had well understood but why not doing your demo in HTML format with help of GDevelop of course?
Is the high actual size of your game which is an great obstacle to do that?

Thanks for your response.

Just because I supposed is enough just to see how it work. It was developed to use on mobile touch, I have to modify to use correctly with keyboard. You think is really necessary to make in html when a windows app version is available to have a look? No other obstacle from my side.

Updated version available!

Full screen and started improvement of Japanese!