Mega Golftroid - A metroidvania using golf based exploration and mega-style powerups


This game is in alpha

Mega Golftroid is a 2D golf game with metroidvania style exploration, and mega man style levels with bosses and power ups. It shares some game feel with the original Super Stickman Golf games too.

If you enjoy golf games and old school platformer adventures then I hope you will check this game out and share with others.

This will be my second Gdevelop game after Triple Jump.

I’m using Liluo to do full open alpha testing this time around, so I’m inviting any of you willing to play test an unfinished game to join in. There is a dedicated feedback button located in the game, so please utilize it to tell me what you like or don’t like.

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is it really necessary that the players have to register with their email addresses before playing? For getting a lot of feedback you may want to lower the barriers for playing your game, no?


I need a way to contact the people giving me feedback. It’s not like I’m a mega corporation harvesting emails… I’m just a solo gdevelop dev like the rest of us here.

I understand. Of course providing the email address could be an issue for some people, but I also meant going through the process of registering instead of just loading the game and playing it right away could be seen as an obstacle - even though it just takes a few seconds.

Anyway, wish you all the best with the beta.