Memory Minis [Game]

Simple, relaxing, math-inspired mini matching games.
Cost: Free

May 2020 Updates
  • Added a more stimulating bonus challenge with random flip and time limits.

    • Win three times on the other mini games (your fave or any combo) to unlock.
  • New card designs

    • Fractals for Match the Numbers
    • Mandalas in the bonus challenge (20 designs; 4 random “decks”)
  • Other minor tweaks & fixes

    • New sound effect for shuffling cards
    • New sound and visual effects for losses on the bonus challenge
    • GUI element updates
    • Stop timer and prevent flips after winning or losing

Based off of the “pairs” example included in GDevelop. If anyone knows whom I should credit for the basic code and some assets, please advise so I can do so. Thanks!


A hard game got harder :fearful:

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I love it :slight_smile:

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Have it in my bookmarks, just to listen to music, chill and play

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Thank you for playing and making my day; I’m happy to hear it is being enjoyed. :grin:

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Thank you for checking it out!

Which is hardest, the math or memory, or both? :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post

Sure :slight_smile: I am glad, you could make more of these games :slight_smile: Straightfoward mind games. I also like the sounds and animations when you play this game, it gives you nice feeling.

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Hi, it is a wonderful game that you have created. May I know how you created the pairs of nine version? I am very new to creating games. Currently, I want to make a language game where I match a picture to the definition so knowing how you created the pairs of nine would be very helpful. May I also know how you count the number of flips? I am thinking of creating a pairs games (term and definition) and maybe restrict the timing or number of flips to a certain number.

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Hi there!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. :grin:

Sure, I’ll try to make a little tutorial with screenshots. It may take some time and arrive via private message though as I’m not sure about posting it on the thread. If more ask how to do it, I’ll see if 4ian or a moderator can put it in an easier-to-find place for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your quick reply! :smiley: looking forward to the tutorial!

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You’re welcome! I sent it to your inbox :grin:

It’s time to clear your browser cache before you play this again! The game has been updated with a bonus challenge on flips and time. It’s something I’ve wanted to do and didn’t get around to until I needed to test my instructions. :blush:

The bonus has a new mandala card design theme and I upped the ante a little more with RNG’s on the flip & time limits. You’ll get different amounts whenever you start/refresh/shuffle the scene. The numbers range anywhere from 10 - 20 flips and 1 - 2 minutes (shown in seconds).

One caveat is that you need 3 wins from the other mini games to unlock the challenge; it can be all of them at least once or your favorite 3 times - feel free to mix it up. Unfortunately, since I haven’t added the “save/load” feature yet, the ‘key’ is only good for the rest of your session.

I got kind of lucky on both numbers, but still cut it a bit close here… :sweat_smile: