METROPOCRE (Steam Next Fest - Download it for FREE now!)


I’m glad to announce that my game METROPOCRE is going to participate in the Steam Next Festival. This is a festival where devs/publishers share their game demo for free to everyone who wans to play it! :blush:. The festival is scheduled to October, and it’s the first time I’m participating with a game. I’m happy to be METROPOCRE this first game, because I’m been putting a lot of work on this game since 2020.

METROPOCRE’s Steam Page is already on, so please add it to your wishlist! This helps a lot with the visibility of the game, since the Steam’s algorithm considers the amount of wishlists that a game’s have (specially on the first day of release of the page) to keep “showing” it more, or even highlighting it sometimes. I can’t stretch enough how important the wishlist proccess is, specially with indie dev/publishers who doesn’t have budget for marketing, so please spread the word! :blush:

This is the first time I’m creating a more “modern” gameplay - a SHMUP - you use AWSD to move, and the mouse to aim and shoot/slay the enemies). However, I also put some effort in creating a character-driven game centered in Felix, the rabbit. Check the trailer, images and more informations about the game in the Steam Page if you like it, and please, leave a feedback if you want! :slight_smile:

Now an “unralated” question: people (indie devs) from the GDevelop community who already published on Steam as well: did/do you usually contact some sites or specific gamers/youtubers etc. to try getting some media attention? I already published some games, but never actually contacted nobody. This time I’m trying to do it, but can’t think of some site that would be willing to do that before the game releases.

Anyway, as always: thanks so much GDevelop and GDevelop community for being a huge important part of this!


I add it in my wishlist, did you think to submit it on the GDevelop showcase?

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Thanks a lot, @Bouh

Yes, of course! I actually just sent the informations required to the link there. I hope the screenshots/images were good :smiley: (I could only sent 5 images, I don’t know if this is a standard or not, but I ended up sending 4 screenshots and 1 promotional photo…maybe I should have sent more promotional photos and less screenshots?).

One promotional image is the minimum, we use it as a banner and thumbnail.
While gameplay screenshots are the most useful, they show people what your game looks like.

I’ve been posting on the gdevelop subreddit and forgot to update this topic.
I’m trying my best to create an engaging gameplay, and in this next video I show a new mechanic I’ve implemented in the game, which is throwing objects.


Also, the game got some attention in the Hotline Miami subreddit, which made me quite happy, since this is the main game I'm taking inspiration from (in terms of gameplay at least).
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nice i like your fake lights did you just use a layer filter for that?

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Thanks! Yes. I’m not exactly sure the format of the light I’m gonna use though.


If anyone is interested, I’ve just released the demo of METROPOCRE for the Steam Next Fest :smile:
There’s still a lot to be done and polished (specially regarding collisions), but I believe the main features of the games are already present in this demo.

This is a small trailer for it:

You can download it for free now on Steam:

Any feedback is much appreciated! :smiley:

Also, would anyone be interested in streaming it during the Steam Next Fest? I understand that I can schedule a stream during this event, which will appear on the front page. I’m not much of a streamer, so I won’t do it myself, but if anyone is into it, please let me know :slight_smile: