Miko Mind Dreamer

All I’m going to say right now is check what he has on his back
(Still a WIP) I’ll share what he can do with it soon!
I worked so hard on this :smile:

Ever wondered what it’s like to move with Miko?
Check it out and let me know what you think!
And btw (just a testing area).

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Optimizing platforms…


Created Wall jump platforms and it’s ready and optimized to be used in game anywhere! These platforms are 90% done for now!

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Come join me while I create some assets for Miko Mind Dreamer from existing assets I have :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy watching :slight_smile:

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Add a button for kick the ennemy in hole :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha Kick was going to be implemented no joke, but it just didn’t feel good in-game, that’s why I removed it, but I have a lot of other stuff that I didn’t show yet about Miko, but will show them at the right moment.
Miko has evolved a lot from Miko’s Adventures that I can’t believe it how far you can go with your imagination when creating a character.
I think Miko Mind Dreamer will be something really cool when It starts to really happen and the world starts to take shape, the story and some concepts are things that are very new in 2D games these days, it won’t be about pushing through your way but about thinking why and how you want to do this and that, I’m going really big with this one and I hope that I can deliver something very unique and yet very fun and engaging to play…

Everyone, if you’re interested I made a page for each of my games so I can separate things away from each other because it was getting really crowded on my Coriander games twitter account: https://twitter.com/CorianderGames
So here they’re if you want to follow, (sometimes I post stuff there that I don’t post anywhere else!)
Miko’s Adventures: https://twitter.com/MikoAdventures
Miko Mind Dreamer: https://twitter.com/MikoMindDreamer

Just Thought to let you know :))


You can run but you can’t hide!

Alright new devlog and new cool details added :-
1- Polished the dash effect (the speed of it and added new dusty effect)

2- Added swoosh effect to the sword attack which helps indicate if you really laded your hit or not

3- Enemies can follow you around and even jump (yup nothing can stop them … well almost!)

4- Sword attack now feels heavy and cool (new technique to measure if a hit is landed, more precise controls, new effects)

5- Screen shake is now implemented (Thanks a lot to my friend Kink and his awesome help)

6- Miko is now faster, more precise when he moves (A problem I had in Miko’s Adventures where the controls weren’t the tightest).

7- Almost every action have a cool down now, means you need to be strategic about using your weapons and tools.

8- Enemies are now faster, more determined (And they will be even more determined in the future as I might use a new technique for them to move around the world “still in progress”).

9- Bullet time is added when an enemy dies, giving you a a sign that you killed that enemy (Thanks for Kink’s help).

10- A lot more (But I promise I will cover them in future updates)

That’s all for now!
I hope you like what you see so far :slight_smile:


This is looking better and better. Very impressive!

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Miko is so cute :smiley: :+1:

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Miko is the best :smile:

Note: this is not inside the game it self but a separate project that I’ll implemented later into the game as it’s very complicated to work on this inside the game directly.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever build with GDevelop 5 and I almost gave up on it.
Took almost a week of not sleeping and working so hard to fix bugs, annoying codes getting into each other and simplifying everything as much as I can.

As you can see here in this update:-

1- Enemies now can see (like for real though!)

2- They can hear (It’s true yeah!)

3- They can alert others based on sound or sight.

4- Their attack now can make a sound echo which alert other enemies, so if an enemy is alerted it’s best to stay away from and hide or fight him in a place with no other enemies!

5- I can control now if an enemy jump or even control if I want them to fall of a ledge or not!

6- Enemies now re-spawn back to their original point if they can’t find you (giving you a second chance if you alert an enemy).

7- There are stationary enemies (guard a specific point) and others that moves based on a path (guard a specific area) and more will be created!

8- Enemies can’t see you behind a wall (BUT they can hear you if you alert a nearby enemy).

9- Stealth might be a separate style in the game to deal with a situation (NOT 100% CONFIRMED YET).

What’s next ?

1- simplifying the whole code structure of the game (which will take a lot of time yes!) there are a lot of stuff that needs cleaning and a lot of unused objects (I need to get as much performance as I can because Miko Mind Dreamer will most likely be a demanding game).

2- Implement the new mechanic from the video you see above into the game (It will be messy and also will take a lot of time!).

3- After that I need to make a full chart of types of enemies and different kinds of them and give each one a separate personality to them!

4- I might get a job from 9 to 5 middle august and college will also start but hey that dosen’t mean that I’ll be gone, I’ll keep working on the game even if it’s just 1 hour a day (I won’t ever leave it!).

When I first started working with GDevelop I never thought I would be creating stuff like this, I didn’t even have this in mind, I’m just so happy I over come this (This was so hard to build).
I have in mind something that is very new in games worlds, something innovative!
I have a lot in mind, Miko Mind Dreamer could take 2 years, 3 even, but all I know is that if I take it step by step I can do it!

A simple advice to anyone who is just starting with GDevelop >>> just don’t give up! you can do it trust me!
I can’t believe I made this …
That’s all for now… more videos of this will be uploaded over the next weeks!
Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:
Stay awesome everyone!


Dude, that is seriously impressive!
Amazing work!!


Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


Sorry for not uploading any updates this week, Work on Miko Mind Dreamer is paused because I’m working on a HUGE surprise! You’ll love it!
I’ll let you know what it is when I feel that it’s ready to announce it.
Updates will stop for Miko Mind Dreamer for a while but for a great cause don’t worry :slight_smile:
I’m not sad that I paused Miko Mind Dreamer now because I did everything that I wanted to create in these last 3 months (they were great! and I did a lot of progress and It wouldn’t be possible without your awesome support and help! love you all!).
So work on Miko Mind Dreamer will resume after I finish that surprise!
Stay pumped up! Stay awesome! something amazing is coming your way soon! :wink:


Eagerly waiting :relaxed:
Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be neat, coming from you!

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Thank you so much! I really hope you’ll like it :slight_smile: