Milo's Microgame World

Hi all,

After 3 years of learning how to use gdevelop, and building the game. My first game is finally out on Android and iOS.
Milo’s Microgame World is a free challenging game.
Every 10 seconds you will be presented with a new microgame.
The aim is to keep alive, while playing the microgames.
Try to get an highscore and beat your friends highscore and become the Milo’s Micro World champion!

What do you find of the game? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Download on iOS : ‎Milo's Microgame World on the App Store
Download on Android :
Visit my website for more info :



I’m not ready to play it yet, but was able to download it from the playstore and appstore with no compatibility warnings. It looks very good, looking forward to it.

I excluded all android tablets from this version. Because it doesn’t display correctly on a big screen.
In a future update this wil be fixed.

But on the other hand I don’t think a fast game like this is very enjoyable on a large screen. Because you need more time to move your fingers. This game is designed with mobile in mind, not tablets. However the iPad version is also available.

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Vraiment super bien fait, bravo !!
Une version en français serait top, car dès fois il y a quelques subtilités dans les consignes en Anglais qu’on pige mais que trop tard :wink:

Pour l’instant je le classe dans mon top 5 des jeux réalisés avec Gdevelop !

Encore bravo !!