Minecraft gdevelop edition 3D

Presenting Minecraft gdevelop edition 3D
I’m making Minecraft in gdevelop


how to create the building features of Minecraft in Gdevelop .? Kodi

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That I can’t tell you for now until I publish my game

I would love to tell you but I’m afraid people might copy it and may create a duplicate but I’ll show you when I’m done with my game
My game will also accept mods

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I did see this in gd.games when will there be a survival mode?

That’s not my game
That game didn’t have save state but mine has

I will be adding survival mode in my game soon maybe a week or two from now cuz there still lot to implement

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Multiplayer is in progress it will be among the update including survival
You can play game on itcho and comment any bugs or any recommendations

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