Minecraft gdevelop edition gameplay (dev log)

Here’s my Minecraft gdevelop edition game
Just implemented save game state
You can now save your builds dynamically using slots you can also name your world

Multiplayer is in progress it will be among the update including survival
You can play game on itcho and comment any bugs or any recommendations

Here’s a legal bug: Unless you are associated with Mojang, you should probably start calling it something besides Minecraft GD Edition, and instead, almost literally anything else, ending in “Craft,” or else, beginning with “Mine.”

I’ll take that into consideration

to be fair, just adding a starting disclaimer screen “not affiliated with Mojang” should be enough in this case. It’s just a fan project, and Mojang has never been nintendo-level of aggressive towards it’s fans.
There’s even full on Decompiles of bedrock edition in the google play store that are littered with ads, and mojang is not really caring too much, so a harmless fan creation won’t cause harm.

(This is not Legal advice, and i am not trained or a professional in this subject matter)

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That is insanely cool! Keep up the good work!

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