Minecraft in 2D: MINE2D

Mine2D is a Minecraft fangame in 2D. I’ve always wanted to create a game with the same block-themed concept and similar features to Minecraft. The game has been in development for several years. I always try to continue with the project, but when it comes to a certain mechanic, I sometimes abandon it, only to come back months later. That’s why the development is so slow. However, I’ve learned a lot from developing this game, and I still intend to finish it. But until then, anyone can play the beta version on gd.games.


one of the first versions of the game

Honestly I was so surprised you recreated your Max2D project Ithought it was the same project. Good work on the migration to GDevelop.


I can help you I’m also making the same project but I need help with arts and u have great art in ur game but u can’t save state, place blocks and there’s no terrain generation in your game, I can help with all of that but I wouldn’t dive to dip cuz I want to monetize the game.
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Itz Michael is the name on Facebook

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The system of block placement and procedural generation has already been implemented in previous versions, albeit in a rather basic manner. The system I’m developing for procedural generation already includes the concept of chunks, with only a lighting system that doesn’t compromise performance missing. I’m already considering an approach that uses matrices and shades for this purpose.

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Oh then can u give me a link so I can get or see previous versions
Also can you save state in the game?

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The procedural generation version I used to access is no longer available. It only existed in APK format, and as I made updates, I ended up losing the files. However, there is an alternative version that allows placing blocks and includes elements such as water, sand, wood, doors, a life system, bubbles, and lighting.

I haven’t added a saving system yet because it’s not necessary as there are still few useful codes in the game. When I have the chunk system implemented and all the data like mobs, blocks, and items are saved in each chunk, I will add a system to create, save, and delete worlds.

This makes me realize how insane i was to even think of making a 3d minecraft in gdevelop, im doing it-

Dude ur not insane I already did that it just that it is laggy especially with world generation I can give u the test file if u want the file only contains the placement of blocks mechanics in Minecraft and has nothing to do with angles like “que the game dev” version

I’m intrigued, sure, let me have a look :slight_smile:


Sorry for replying late

No worries, I will look into it in a bit.