Minor bug thread

I’ve made this thread to report minor bugs - so small and insignificant that they don’t pose any real issue, mainly visual artifacts, etc.

For now two:

  • When you hover in menu over “Recently opened”, menu “arrow” disappears. Doesn’t look nice, but otherwise it’s ok
  • Search box in add action/condition window isn’t visible until you resize window. Perhaps because “minimum size” of action/condition tree box is set too high?

//edit: Another minor bug: When closing dialog boxes, GD main window sometimes go under window of other application and alt+tabbing is needed. Minor, but frustrating (Windows, dunno about Linux version).

When checking distance between two objects, it appears in the events editor like this:

Distance between A and B is 50 <

It should be < 50.

Surely a Windows or GTK ( On linux ) related issue, the menus as well as most GUI components are standard components provided by the system.

Fixed, I’ve tweaked the minimal size to ensure that the search box is always visible.

Have you the latest version of GD? Because in the latest version, the distance condition is displayed as “Distance between A and B is below 50 pixels”.

Nope, as arrow doesn’t disappear on WinAPI apps (i.e. native windows) and on GTK apps (latter tested on Windows version of GIMP). But for some reason it does in GD. How about checking that?

In this case, it is related to wxWidgets, the toolkit used to achieve a native yet cross platform user interface. Can you send a screenshot?

There’s not much to see, really. Just “submenu arrow” is disappearing after submenu is shown.