(minor) Changing game window throws an error


Tiny bug, the “Set game window size” action only supports integer numbers and throws an error if you try it with floats.

This shows an error (impossible to understand for a newbie)

But this works perfectly :

(notice the Floor on both sides)

From what I can find, Desktop OS don’t support window sizes that aren’t integers (although they do accept non-integer positions?)

With that in mind I’m not sure if this is really a bug vs you putting something in that’s invalid. Trying to set most parameters to invalid items/resources/etc throw errors now.

Maybe an enhancement to force rounding there and have the description updated to mention integers only? I don’t think the IDE processes expressions so they wouldn’t be able to outright force it at time of edit.

Yep, having a way to explain the error is the minimum here i think.

For experienced dev it’s ok to understand what’s happening. The error even if incomplete, at least talks about signature and “conversion failure” so you have a guess.

But for people only using GDevelop as their main dev tool, they won’t have a clue :smiley:

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