Minor issues discovered with Mac version of GDevelop 5

When creating an Action using “Modify the value of a variable of an object” and you want the value to be the value of another object’s variable, you can select the object, but the variable name must be typed in - no selection appears, even when you click on the “box with arrow pointing NE” icon.
It also seems to happen anytime you try to use the Summation link to get the value of an object variable.

In the Scene Variables dialog, the Value label is not left aligned to the value fields.

On the “Modify the value of a scene variable” Action, when using the Summation link, the options list is scrolled to the bottom of the list. Also, if you click on the “box with arrow pointing NE” icon, the Scene Variable list is displayed, but you can’t use it for anything.

On any of the “Modify the value….” dialog windows, when you select the variable from the drop down list, the drop down list compacts to the selected entry instead of closing (like the Modification’s Sign drop down does). This means I have to make an extra click to close the drop down box before proceeding, since it is covering the Modification’s Sign line.

When clicking on Add Comment the added line will appear at the end of the event sub-block instead of directly below the selected line. If the Event is fully outdented (level 0), the line appears at the very end of the code (this may be a DWIM and not a bug).

On the “Modify the text of a Text object” Action dialog window, when clicking on the Summation button of the Value field, the order of the elements in the drop down list is different from other Summation drop down lists. While still scrolled to the bottom (see above), the “Common expressions for all objects” entry appears as the 5th entry from the bottom instead of at the top of the list.