Minor mistranslation

For Play music on a channel (and other channel-related actions in audio section), instead of channel is canal which I believe is French name for it.

Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for hijacking a thread … but I have few issues with GD which is bugging me a lot … don’t know where to post …

1. GameDevelop take TOO MUCH time to launch

In my Laptop, it takes approximately 1 minutes and 5-10 seconds for the software to show it’s main window. :frowning: (And I don’t even have AV installed, and no other programs running!)

Please add new options such as (1) disabling the Splash Screen (2) disabling features which can make the GD launch faster.

2. GameDevelop Build > Platform Menu

The current “Extensions” for choosing the Platform to build has something … I feel is a bit “indirect”. To change the Platform, we have to change the “default” one through Extensions.
Instead GD could just have File > Build > Web and File > Build > Native. :slight_smile:

There might be some reason for the current layout … idk :neutral_face: … so forgive me about this if there’s something with it.


Can you give me the specification of your laptop? (OS, CPU, graphics card…)

Concerning platforms, when you create a new game, you first have to choose a platform: This is important because platforms are not entirely compatible, so better choose a platform and stick to it.
However, I’m making great efforts to ensure that the platforms are becoming more and more compatible, so I let the possibility for the user to activate both platforms. It has to be done using the Extensions window, where you can choose the platforms to use for the game.
Maybe it is a bit unintuitive at first glance, but this manipulation has to be done only one time: After doing it, you can edit the events, the scene and preview using both platforms. (In this case, there is no “default” platform, even if I recommend always using the Web platform to edit events as it contains less features.)

My laptop has:

os: windows 7 build 7601
ram: 1 gb
cpu: 1.66 ghz core2duo
video card: intel 950

i know, it’s not some high spec, i know, specially the video card, but i dont ‘think’ it’s supposed to take a minute to load!

Btw, i wonder, the physics, is it ‘faked’ or does it use something like box2d?

Anyway thanks for the software, it’s is very nice, and for free. :slight_smile:

The physics engine used by Game Develop is Box2D.

In the warning popup: “Expression contains one or more errors”, there’s sur instead of sure:

The expression is malformed. Are you sur you want to validate the expression ?

Fixed, thanks! :slight_smile: