Missing actions in collisions between objects of the same group

Hi, a few days ago my visual novel code stopped working (after weeks without problems).

While doing some tests I noticed this strange thing: if two objects are part of the same group and are in collision, the first object no longer responds to actions.

I placed two overlapping objects in the scene:

I wrote a short test code.

As you can see, the apple no longer changes in any way… Am I doing something wrong?

Do you really want to change the scale of mela by 100 times? Are you sure both objects have the vaiable value of BLU

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Hello and as always thanks for the support!
This was an example, the real code is huge.

Really sorry, I discovered that by updating some sprites the collision mask had been deleted! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

So no bugs! :smiley:

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