Missing Information in GD Wiki

There is something missing in the new GD Wiki

compairing this [GDevelop 5 Wiki] wiki with this [GDevelop 4 Wiki]

The other tools suggested in the old GD Wiki are still required for the Offline Build of Android.

I expect that those information of old Tools are amended ASAP in the new Wiki.

I request @4ian to look after this. :sweat:

For other users, do download the tools suggested here also.

Android Studio does contain those other tools. Don’t worry, for searching away those tools :relaxed:

You shouldn’t expect or request anything here. This is an open-source project run by volunteers and they don’t like to obey…I tried! :smile:
If you want to change the wiki, well, it’s a wiki, so do it yourself :blush:

But the “old wiki” is not so old:

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