Missing Parameter Options

After playing with several extensions to get a better overview what is possible to extend. I figured out that some options are missing with the parameter tab.

By the way the documentation in wiki is not good, to get an idea. (sorry to say that)

I don’t know where comes that, properly is this extension (there are also some more) which is never be updated/patched over time.

These options brings in the moment “choose an option”
example: File selection and variable selection (from GDevelop-extensions/JSONResourceLoader.json at main · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub)

see “Choose an option”

Event Editor

Possible Selections:

So my question, it is not possible anymore to choose files or select a variable from my scene?

Finally I found also a lot of ways to come to the result that I would like to achieve.
But this missing selection makes for me no sense. So if it should be not possible in the Editor, then the extensions should be deprecated or removed from the extension selection.

It isn’t and never was possible to select scene variables from there, since events based extensions do not support using variable parameters in the events sheet. For this extension, I directly modified the JSON file to do a little hack that would force this parameter type, normally reserved for built-in events, and accessed the parameter by using JavaScript code.

Now both parameters are avaliable :magic_wand: