Missing space on first start screen

On the first start screen there should be a space in the text between “gameseasily”.

Also another space is missed between “donationto”.

(Currently testing under Wine as i can’t get it to run natively under Linux).

In order to run Game Develop on Linux, you’ve to launch the file “start game develop”, not directly the executable file, because GD need his library (libgdl) to run.

Ah problem is when i do that i get this (Am i launching it incorrectly?)

try to launch it as root.

liam@liamspc:~$ sudo ‘/home/liam/Downloads/release/Start Game Develop’
[sudo] password for liam:
/home/liam/Downloads/release/Start Game Develop: line 5: ./GDEditor: No such file or directory

heh even though the file is in the folder with it.

You can try to type yourself the two commands you can see if you open the file Start Game Develop with a text editor. (i can’t remember the first one exactly, but the second is simply “./GDEditor” ). thanks for pointing out the errors.

Got a little further again, needed to set the GDEditor file as executable DOH!

Running via terminal gives this:

It stops there.

Is the program usable then ? There is no error message, excepting the warning, so I believe GD manages to launch properly ?

Odd i just tried it again and it did load up :smiley: