Mobile Map stars and best score

Here’s an example of a mobile map I’m working on, I may update it,(I’m working on it) I may not, but mostly, I haven’t seen a mobile game level map example here.

(This hopefully works now.)

So anyways… The original is based on a “The Gem Tutorials”, the timer is based on a “Whatever Games” tutorial, but the level/star sprite is all mine! Really, its “Inkscapes” but…

This example has besttime_, lasttime_, score_, end_game, external_layouts, and not much more… (scrolling map (and a bit of storage)

So… I hope that this example helps someone. (I think that I might finally have a (tiny)grasp on expressions:)


This star example is for use in levels that are created in external layouts. It should, but I’m not sure yet about different scenes.
The major problems that I had are hopefully fixed now.