Mobile Performance

Hello Community.
I like GDevelop very much.
I used Godot to make my projects but i want to try this awesome engine.
I like it how simple this is. No coding. I like coding but this engine makes it easier to creat little games.
But now i have a big problem.
The performance for Android is horrible!
I exported the two templates games from GDevelop 5 to Android and these games run at 15-20 fps.
How can i fix it?
Is it normal for these templates?
Is it because they are only optimised for PC?
I am afraid to make an Android game because of this.

What is you’re cellphone ?
Motorola 3310 are not supported :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 and a Samsung Galaxy A5. The Jump n Run game and this Spaceshooter run at this 15-20fps.

EDIT: I just figured it out how to fix the poor performance. thanks for all who wants to help me.

Hi, Dani!
Are there sounds of these games on your cell phone?
How did you do the .apk file, with Phonegap or Cordova?
I was running on two different mobile phones - older one, and the other new one, but in both cases there is no sound on the mobile.

Hi vpvelev

I use Cordova CLI to export my game…I have no issues with sounds or lagging. I will be posting a tutorial in the next few days on how to export to android using Cordova CLI. You will need to download the following programs :

  • Android SDK
    *Android Studio
  • ANT
    *Java JDK

NB ! These programs are quite big…so be prepared. You will need to download the API’s in the SDK Manager also. Once set up it is very ease to build your game.


Thank you so much, Roelof1978!
I’m looking forward to your tutorial.
I have all these programs uploaded to my computer, but it does not work for me. I obviously mistaken somewhere. I’ve been searching for a solution for the whole month.
I have no lagging in game on the mobile phone but I have no sound.
I looked at the .apk file in Android Studio and there they see that there are all the sound files. But there is no sound in the end.
I also tried with Godot on the same cell phones with the same sound files and now the sounds were heard. I do not know Godot how he exports and generates .apk files, but it works with Godot.
But I want to work with GDevelop :slight_smile:

I use Phonegab. Ok I have not noticed it yet with the sounds. I just cared of the performance xD.
I am looking forward for the tutorial.
I hope this sound bug will be fixed.

Hi vpvelev

Tell me did you assign your music to different channels ? I’ve experienced the same problem on previous builds when I didn’t assign it to different channels.
Secondly ensure that your sounds are in wav format, it seems there is a bug when the sounds are in ogg format.

I hope this will help.

Hi, Roelof1978!
I tried both formats, wav and ogg.
I tried with different channels too.
Here’s my last try. The same sound in both formats and in different channels:

This is the code:

I also try a variant with different channels:

After export I execute the following commands:


After this, the .apk file is directly installed on my mobile by USB, but the sound is still not heard.

The same program I wrote and tried with Godot and there was a sound on my cell phone.

Hi vpvelev

That’s really strange ! Have you tried reinstalling Gdevelop ? I’ve posted the tutorial on how to export to android, and it’s precisely the same way you do it. Which version of Gdevelop are you using ?
I’m still using V4.0.0 and I really don’t have any problems with it. Maybe you must try downloading V4.0.0 and check if that helps.In the mean time I’ll check if I can maybe find a sollution for you.


Hi, Roelof1978!

Now I’m with this version of GDevelop:

New versions should be better than old ones and do not have their bugs.
I will look for an older version.
But still I think I’m wrong somewhere, and that’s why it’s not happening, but I can not find out where my mistake is.

Hi vpvelev

I just created a project similar to yours and exported with CLI. All seems to work fine on my mobile device. I created a zip file with the project and debug apk. I hope it helps.

Hi, Roelof1978!

I installed your .apk file on 2 mobile phones, but there is no sound to me.
This is very interesting because everything is exported and generated to you on your computer.
It looks like I’ve got two phones that have a problem. I need to look for another phone.
One cell phone is old - Prestigio 3037 - Android 4.4.2.
The other is Huawei DIG-L01 - Android 6.0.
I keep searching for the reason for lack of sound.

Thank you very much for your help and attention!

P.S. Roelof1978, do you indicated to Cordova the type of android version of your phone?
Because it is written to me:
“Android target: android-26”

I debug my project at Android Studio 3.0.1 and it gives me a media player error.