Mobile touch selects screen content

Hi Gdevelop community
On mobile (iphone, both safari and chrome browsers) when I test the game and hold a touch-screen, I get the typical selection cursor selecting the entire screen with a light blue color, and the options “select all” “copy” typical of the mobile browsers. How can I avoid that? else the game runs well but it is disturbing

If you can try on your mobile:


EDIT: I tried other games from and a couple had the same issue

EDIT 2: I checked an older game of mine and the issue didnt happen, BUT, it did happen when I rebuild it with the latest version of GDevelop (5.3.180)
Can someone check/help please! :slight_smile:

I also think SceneWindowWidth/Height() are not working as intended. From the documentation it should be the game’s size, defined in the settings, not the browser window’s size. I noticed in my game when played on a browser that creating an object on SceneWindowWidth()/2 places the object in the middle of the browser’s screen, not the defined game area.