Model not showing up (3D)

my glb models wont show, they are just invisible. the cube works but thats it, not sure if i should give you a screenshot cause theres nothing

Is it only for your specific model or also with models from the assets store? Which 3D layer effects do you use?

it seems its only when i put my model in, the models from the asset store seem to show up, and i have no 3d effects, just the default light. this is weird cause i know this model works in gdevelop, ive used it before

Hm okay, hard to say.
Try in a new scene, a new object and rename the 3D file.
If you want you can upload it so we can check it.
I’ve been working with 3D for several GD versions and haven’t had this problem.

this is marcus, in all his glory, (orrr not if he doesnt show up)

It is displayed for me.
Maybe your scale factor is very small or something?

its 2 from what i remember

Looking at the screenshot, the model origin is off. You need to fix the model with Blender or use a setting other than “Keep model origin”.

Hmf, the size of the object changed when i edited the origin points in gdevelop, but i tried every origin point and center point together and i still don’t see it, i will try removing the models bones and changing the origin point in blender tmmr.