Moderators wanted!


I’d like to set one or (preferably) two moderators for the English forum :slight_smile:
Nothing fancy, but just guys who would be able to:

-Check if a message is posted by a spam bot, and delete the message/ban the bot.
-Move threads in the right forum if needed.
-Check if everything is going all right in the discussions.

I don’t want moderators to be like cops or cow boys. I just want people who have some time available to make sure the forum looks good, read messages, welcome newbies and, above all, let me know if something goes wrong :slight_smile: (No thread lock, no deletion of messages, no ban of users, just let me know and we’ll see - but nothing goes wrong here anyway :smiley: ).

So let me know if you’re interested (or have any feedback about this moderator things). :slight_smile:

Don’t feel offended if I don’t choose you even if you’re interested: again it’s not meant to be a fulltime job or a reward, it’s just to help me for the tasks I listed before

Add me at the end of your list. If you don’t find another who loves moderate, I’m sure I can handle it, always spend time here. Let me know :wink:

As feedback, I could suggest add some conventions, or good practices. For example when a thread needs to be moved, where notify it… notify it? :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll do a good moderator, again nothing fancy to do, all the rules for moderators are listed in my initial post. Make sure to be always friendly (no problem for that :smiley: ) and let user know if you move a thread/update a thread title or anything else by posting a message to explain it.

If you’re ok with it I’ll set you as moderator :smiley:

No problem, it’s an honor :smiley:

Done! Thanks again! :smiley:

Add me up. :laughing:

add me pls :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: I’ve been on this forum a lot

You had visited the forum 98 days in two 2 years.

98/730 is not very active.

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