Modify width / height

When a sprite is rotated, the graphical editor does not allow you to individually modify the width or height. It only allows modifying both proportionally

Steps to reproduce the bug: create a sprite, rotate it even 1 degree and try to modify the width / height. It will not allow you to do this unless you modify the corresponding parameter (numbers)

Hi I don’t know if is this what you want but it works for me

If you change the parameter as you have done it can be modified individually, but if you try to modify the width / height individually without parameters, visually, it won’t let you

If the object is not rotated if it allows you to drag to modify it individually

I don’t know you mean this?

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This .gif never loads

Edit: After waiting for some minutes, it got loaded.

Did you solved this issue? if yes just change the title to [solved]

Not solved. This is what i mean:

Says transfer expired

Solved now. Try again:

Vale entiendo que hablas español por tu GD, entiendo perfectamente ahora lo que dices y si lo he probado y efectivamente si se le coloca un ángulo y luego se intenta solo cambiar la altura GD automáticamente cambia alto y ancho, no tengo idea de porque, ahora lo escribiré todo en ingles y avisamos a algún moderador para que lo revise.

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Perfecto, muchas gracias. Lo puse también en el discord de gdevelop y me dijo un moderador que lo pusiera aquí, por eso lo puse. Estaba haciendo un juego y me fastidia bastante el hecho de que al cambiar el ángulo me impida modificar al ancho o alto individualmente, ya que en mi juego la mayoría de objetos tienen algo de ángulo

Hi please some moderator check if this is a bug or is indented for GD to work what DHsw is saying is totally right if you change the angle of a Sprite when you later want to adjust the height only is not posible because automatically change the width & height at the same time, there is a way to do it.
Check the video
Maybe @Bouh @arthuro555 or @Silver-Streak can take a look at this and confirm if this is a bug or not.

@davy Is this is kind of related to the recent changes?

Yes, this is a feature. Otherwise the object would shear and it’s not possible in GDevelop.
Like in this image from wikipedia:

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