Modifying even single tile stops game for about 1/2 second

Can’t it be more optimized? Making game with destructible environment would be cumbersome with such limitation. It may be that you try to recalculate whole map, since you know x/y of tile you are modifying, why can’t you just recalculate that part and leave rest as it was?

I can do that. The only problem I see is that empty tiles will be also generated (as I have to know where the tile is in the vertex array)

It’s not problem if it will be faster.

I’m currently doing some tests, and it seems working. :slight_smile:
This huge optimization will probably be in the next GD version.
(I can even build a custom GD version for you so you can test it)

That would be nice. With current state of things, replacing tiles is basically useless, even for just level editor.