More extensions

Where I can find more GD extensions in addition to those that are bundled with it?

There is currently not a lot of “non official” extensions, but there is a small list on the french wiki : … extensions

You can notably find the very good Widgets extension ( … -1.2.5.exe ) which is available in English and which is really powerful when it comes to create GUI.
It could even be bundled with GD in next version as it is open source.

Too bad that most of them (didn’t check sound one) aren’t cross-platform. While I understand that widgets extension have some bugs under Linux (but I’d like to help eradicate them by testing it), I would certainly use array extension.

There is only one bug in the Widgets extension on Linux, in Game Develop, it doesn’t catch any event (mouse, keyboard), like text entry object.
But I will try to compile for Linux when a real Game Develop Linux will be released (probably next version). Because, actually, Game Develop Linux is in a different version thant Windows and the compiled Linux games are in an other version too.

If it doesn’t catch events in GD, but in compiled game it does, I don’t think why we can’t use it. It’s just about to inform people that it won’t work in GD Preview, but in compiled game it will.

//edit: And I’d like to ask you for linux version of array extension (it’s hosted on same site which I assume is yours).

Yes, it will do it for the next Game Develop version. :wink: