Moru [WIP] Sidescroller


I’m working in this game for fun, is called [size=150]Moru[/size] and it’s my house of cards.

For now, this is an animation and movement demo. Once finished, it will be an open world sidescroller with exploration, action and RPG features.

Some features of this demo are:

  • Detailed actions and animations: walk, run, attack, jump, run-jump and eat
  • Animated grass (game is intended to be a highly inmersive environment once finished)
  • Impulse system (jumps higher and longer accordingly to previously runned distance)
  • React on edge (character automatically jumps to safety if it’s left over an edge)

Goals are:

  • Build a game entirely with free (or partially free, but without spending a dollar) and GNU tools (I’m using GDevelop, Spriter, Gimp, Inkscape, LMMS)
  • Build a very good-looking game from scratch (make my own graphics, animations and music… and learn how to do it—REALLY, I’m learning about basic music theory in YouTube)
  • Push the limits of the GDevelop framework to its limits, with the intention of show its capabilities
  • Have fun!


  • Walk: hold Right/Left
  • Run: hold Z while walk
  • Attack: hold X while walk
  • Jump: press Space
  • Jump with impulse (jumps higher and longer): press Space while running or attacking
  • Eat (simulate to take something from floor): press A while character is not moving


Please, let me know your thoughts!

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