Mostly black screen in Android export?

I only started getting this problem after updating to 100 & 101. The preview runs perfectly, but after exporting for Android and loading it on my phone, the screen is almost completely black, save for a small rectangle in the bottom-left corner. The area that is blacked out can be successfully clicked, but the black area remains in the next scene as well.

I’ve tried messing with the resize mode and removing unused code, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

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Can you share a screenshot of the problem.

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Can you also share a screenshot of how the preview looks

  • Check if the resolution is correctly set
  • Try opening the game on another device
  • Try exporting the game ones more and use the correct version (Android, IOS)

The resolution is right and the game is exported in the right version. I tested it on a different phone (also Android, slightly newer) and it works perfectly. Any idea why it might work on one phone and not another?

It might be because the first phone is old and maybe unsupported. I think it is some exporting bug. Did you use the same export on both of the phones?
Can you share the game so I can check it on my phone and see if it works and try to find the problem Here’s the apk. Thanks for your help

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Try with another project to confirm the bug. One of the example projects, for instance.

It works fine on the phone I tested
(Android version 9, a bit old )

Geometry Monster works perfectly on my device. So it isn’t the game itself (it works perfectly on newer devices) and it isn’t my device (it runs similar GDevelop games perfectly), so what else could be causing it?

Try exporting it ones more and try it on your older device.

Do you have any layer effects on this game?
Some of them aren’t well supported.

No layer effects and no lighting layers. I’ve exported onto my older device many times with no change.

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@arthuro555 brought some bugfixes related to fullscreen in the latest beta. Maybe he’ll know what’s going on.

Update: Out of curiosity I added the GDevelop splash option, and now this is what I see. Not sure what this implies. Is it on top of the game itself, or is everything in the game itself invisible except that one little rectangle?? :confused:

First time getting this same problem… All my other exported apk work just fine